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Are ideas always easy and is application always difficult?!

When we talk about ideas and applications, we find that there is always a balance between ease and difficulty. Ideas may appear easy and come to us naturally and spontaneously, but when we try to turn these ideas into reality through application, we discover that it is not as easy as it seems.


On one hand, we may find ourselves inspired by ingenious ideas that seem to be the solution to the problems and challenges we face. However, when we study the feasibility of applying these ideas, we encounter challenges and complexities in our path. The application may require substantial resources, such as advanced technology and significant financing, making the transformation of the idea into reality a difficult and complicated task.


On the other hand, we may encounter dilemmas for which we cannot easily find a solution. These problems may seem difficult and intractable, but when we start implementing any small idea, we may find the answer. The application can be straightforward, and we may discover impressive results that solve those dilemmas quickly and efficiently.


This continuous contradiction between easy ideas and challenging applications, and vice versa, is an integral part of the creative process. When we are creative, we may face significant challenges in turning ideas into reality, while sometimes we find simplicity in solving complex problems.


In the end, creative thinking and innovation require patience and perseverance. We must be prepared to face challenges and difficulties, and we need to learn from mistakes and continuously improve our ideas and applications. The balance between ideas and applications is what keeps the process of innovation and development ongoing and fascinating.

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