Ideas are easy,
Implementation is hard!


Are the ideas always easy and is the application always difficult?!

….I face these two issues with their constant contradiction….genius ideas arise and when we try to study the feasibility of the application, we find that it is very complex and requires a high cost to create it.


On the opposite side of this trend, we find some dilemmas that we cannot find an idea to solve, and when we find the idea, the application is easy and one of the foundations of the problem.

What I am Trying to Present?!

In this virtual world, I can share with you all the thoughts that go through my mind, and that I have always been disturbed by the idea that you have information, philosophical ideas, or logical or imaginary analyzes in many fields.


I can now, through the site, present to you some of what I may have benefited from, whether it is information or an idea, regardless of its size, possibility of implementation, and validity.


It is not necessary for my personal perceptions and philosophies to be 100% compatible with all people, beliefs, or societies, so I hope that what I present to you is an experience or new information that we are trying to benefit from,or you can simply ignore it if it does not suit you.